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                                                                                                                       BLUETOOTH GATES                                                                                                                                                                     
        Control of Garage and Gate with Bluetooth Signal

        Seamlessly and conveniently open/close any type of automatic gates, garage doors or
        barriers. Secure your property with the user-friendly ErnestApp.

        Safe and Comfortable Use at Home or at Work

        Maintain tight security whether you’re at home or at work. The 2016 Bluetooth system
        offers three-level safety, all the while ensuring rapid communication with the ERNEST
        device. Protect yourself and your family, and have more peace of mind.

        Use and Control an Unlimited Number of Devices

        Have multiple devices? No problem.

        The ErnestApp allows you to easily connect as many devices as you need. Sync up garage
        doors, automatic gates and other barriers, and control them through a single application.

        Add and Authorize Access for Several Users

        ERNEST HOME is your personal mobile butler. With it, you can allow or deny access to the
        users of your choice. Add new users as you wish, knowing that you can cut off access at
        any time. As the owner, you’re in complete control.

        Connect All ERNEST Devices with One Application

        Don’t complicate your life with key bundles, security chips and consoles. With just one         
        application, you can manage both your home and vehicle through the ErnestApp. Keep your
         assets safe and secure with zero hassle.