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the enterprise is in northern part of Greater London, it is possible even to tell in Waltham Abbey his suburb.

My name is Alexander, we dynamically developing company on trade on the Internet the automobile spare parts new, restored and \at for automobile, cargo cars, buses, tractors, construction equipment and motorcycles since 2008. We are connected with the market of auto parts more than 10 years. Our site constantly replenishes and changes, other directions of Internet business develop also.

Generally we offer new and restored and as \at fuel pumps and nozzles, automatic and mechanical transmissions, spare parts for automatic transmissions, chains, belts, gears, the valve, for CVT variators and Multitronic boxes, hydroblocks, turbines, steering racks and pumps to them, cylinder head, safety cushions, the pumps ABS, piston groups for tractors, bulldozers, construction cranes, excavators, loaders, ship diesels, generators, and other technical engines. Conversion replacements for two-mass flywheels of DMF on simple sets of coupling and conversion systems of replacement of airbags on spring in cars of a premium class, hydrocouplings and differentials of Haldex, a bumper, cowls, wings, doors, headlights, forward lattices of a radiator, radiators, conditioner compressors......


please, shop after careful consideration if aren't sure that it is necessary to you, please don't buy. In advance verify all numbers and you can request us in writing, we with pleasure will answer you. But the reasons of return of type it didn't suit you, another is necessary or, excuse, I changed the mind to return aren't accepted. The goods are on sale as is in the photo. MANUFACTURERS PART NUMBERS USED FOR REFERNCE PURPOSES ONLY we carry out sending goods next day after receiving money for our bank account within 2-21 work days.

shipping costs in case of return is not compensated, especially no partial compensations are made (a half of goods was used, and other half isn't present).

worldwide delivery only on tariffs of transport companies which are summarized to final cost in addition.

in the amount of sales includes delivery only England mainland. Delivery throughout Europe and Worldwide paid in addition to the tariffs of the transport company chosen by you and specified. For example Royal Mail \ Parcelforce has a direct contract with the eBay auction and therefore provides a delivery service at an affordable price you. Shipping cost is indicated in the invoice separately. We can advise you further on it skype, e-mail or phone. If you are not satisfied with it, we can cancel your order ...

Does your car have automatic gearbox? The seller of your car told you that the manufacturer used lifetime oil and that you dont need to change it for the whole time that you use your vehicle. We want to tell you that the seller, who sold you the car, was wrong. No one canceled friction law and physics law.
Everyone knows, that any manufacturers of cars and automatic gearboxes dont manufacture any motor or ATF oil for automatic gearbox. They order the making of those with some different manufacturers who mainly focus on producing oil for cars and ATF (gearbox oil). In the future, because of the order the produce those lubricants on which they put auto manufacturer label. That is why this oil costs a lot more, because it is considered to be original.
Our company ALEX Transmission is the distributor one of those oils and lubricants from Germany trade mark MANNOL SCT-Germany. We offer them on British market of high quality oil, lubricants, ATF (gearbox oil) which is packed in simple and economic container, and it is cheaper compared to the same oil in original container. The product by MANNOL SCT-Germany meets the most severe requirements of German law and environmental requirements, as well as a variety of stringent quality requirements and exploitation of well-known manufacturers of vehicles in Europe, Asia and America: GM, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Renault, Citroen, Hyundai, Mazda, Subaru, Porsche, Lexus, Jaguar, LandRover and others.

For example, when you change the oil in the gearbox, you change the filter as well. If you only change the oil or just the filter, because changing everything at once is expensive there is no point in that. You need complex change, then you really can extend the life of your automatic gearbox. In original package of your filter, bought by you from your vehicle dealer as original, in 95% will be placed a filter from German manufacturers called FILTRAN. This company has several factories on different continents and they produce filters by contract as original.
Us, ALEX Transmission also offer in our kits for the change of oil in Automatic gearbox, filters from Germany from the manufacturers Mannol SCT-Germany. Their filters apply for the original filters but they are a lot cheaper. This allows you to save money on your vehicle.

Our kit complete ATF (gearbox oil) and filters allow you to save money. If you want to know the model of gearbox and the kit you need for it, you can visit our website and go on the search page. In our storage we have oil and filter kits covering 80% of all vehicles and gearboxes. If we dont have something in stock, we can order it from Germany. In about 1-2 weeks the manufacturer will deliver them in England to our storage. Also, there is an option of delivering ATF (gearbox oil) and filter kits for the whole Europe, before ordering, please contact us to discuss delivery price to you. You can also ask us for the quality certificates.

Try to pay and order your product before 13:30. Then you will get your product the next morning. If you pay the product after 13:30 you will receive it on second day time. That is the delivery company rules with which we have a contract.
Also we are looking forward to cooperate with car services and garages. We only deliver after pre-paid 100% money.
You get 10% discount on orders over £800.00. 20% discount if you order on more than £2000.00.
We dont give more discounts than them.

The sets of oil and filters that you are interested in you can buy in both of our online shops - and
If on eBay we are always limited in development, in our main shop we have more choice of oil for gearboxes, for engines and also a lot of other parts such as turbines, cylinder heads, body parts, bumpers, headlights, electric parts for engine and others.
To check or to see the model of automatic gearbox, installed on your vehicle visit this website -
For all questions please message us on our e-mail.


We have rather wide choice \at spare parts, we are connected practically with all large autodismantlings of England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Sweden, Ireland. We sell spare parts practically to all countries of Europe, including Albania, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Sweden the countries of Central Asia, North Africa and Cyprus.


- Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia freight goes to the countries of Baltic every week.

We can carry out delivery on the territory of the Russian Federation practically to any city where there are branches of transport companies, you as can recommendatory specify to us transport company with which you want to work.

As, we can take all these details and forms of spare parts for you at the & auction if there they in your opinion are more favorable to you. As we give help in transportation and delivery to , Belarus, Ukraine and other countries of Europe and Asia....



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