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LUCAS ELECTRICAL DMB409 Coil, ignition

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Mobiletron CE 30
Coil, ignition

AKUSANLCC2011Ignition coil
ASHUKI137487ACoil, ignition
BBTIC15117Coil, ignition
BERUZS243Ignition coil
BOUGICORD155014Coil, ignition
BREMI11723Coil, ignition
DELPHICE20047-12B1Coil, ignition
ERA880021Coil, ignition
FACET9.6278Coil, ignition
FAE80205Coil, ignition
FEBI BILSTEIN21526Coil, ignition
FISPA85.30060Coil, ignition
HAVAM1.970.378Coil, ignition
HELLA5DA 749 475-211Coil, ignition
HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS19020029Coil, ignition
HOFFER8010347Coil, ignition
HUCO138766Coil, ignition
HUCOO138766Ignition coil
JANMORJM5234Coil, ignition
MAGNETI MARELLI060717069012Coil, ignition

MAPCO80102Coil, ignition
MEAT & DORIA10347Coil, ignition
METZGER0880086Coil, ignition
MEYLE16148850009Ignition coil
NGK48020Ignition coil
PATRONPCI1007Coil, ignition
POLCARE030041Ignition coil
POLCARVA245107 Coil, ignition
QUINTON HAZELLXIC8176Coil, ignition
RENAULT77 00 100 643Coil, ignition
SASIC9204016Coil, ignition
SIDAT85.30060Coil, ignition
STANDARD12607Coil, ignition
STANDARDCU1041Coil, ignition
STANDARDIIS093Coil, ignition
SWAG60 92 1526Coil, ignition
TESLACL102Coil, ignition
TOPRAN700 113Coil, ignition
VEMOV46-70-0011Coil, ignition
WAIGLOBALCUF607Coil, ignition

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KANGOO Express1997-...
MEGANE I1995-2003
MEGANE I Cabriolet1996-2003
MEGANE I Classic1996-2003
MEGANE I Coach1996-2003
MEGANE I Grandtour1999-2003
MEGANE Scenic1997-1999

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