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LUCAS ELECTRICAL DMB859 Coil, ignition

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Mobiletron CE 79
Coil, ignition

ACI - AVESAABE-095Coil, ignition
ANGLI15141Coil, ignition
BBTIC18108Coil, ignition
BERU0040100308Coil, ignition

BERUZS3080040100308Ignition coil
BOSCH0 221 505 423Coil, ignition
BOUGICORD155044Coil, ignition
BREMI20190Coil, ignition
ERA880123Coil, ignition
EUROCABLEDC1105Coil, ignition
FAE80305Coil, ignition
FISPA85.30253Coil, ignition
FORD6 485 688Coil, ignition
HELLA5DA 749 475-401Coil, ignition
HOFFER8010486Coil, ignition
JANMORJM5058Coil, ignition

KAGER60-0106Coil, ignition
MAXGEAR13-0021Coil, ignition
MEAT & DORIA10486Coil, ignition

MOBILETRONCE65 Ignition coil
QUINTON HAZELLXIC8205Coil, ignition
SIDAT85.30253Coil, ignition
STANDARD12738Coil, ignition
STANDARDCP019Coil, ignition
STANDARDCU1136Coil, ignition
STANDARDIIS012Coil, ignition
TESLACL404Coil, ignition
TRISCAN8860 16015Coil, ignition
VEMOV25-70-0004Coil, ignition

ESCORT V1990-1992
ESCORT VI1992-1995
ESCORT VII1995-1998
SCORPIO II Estate1994-1998
SCORPIO II1994-1998
TRANSIT Box2000-2006
TRANSIT Flatbed / Chassis2000-2006

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