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LUCAS ELECTRICAL DMB868 Coil, ignition

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Mobiletron CE 67
Coil, ignition

ASHUKI199336Coil, ignition
BBTIC15126Coil, ignition
BERUZSE045Ignition coil
BOUGICORD155027Coil, ignition
BOUGICORD155032Coil, ignition
BREMI20183Coil, ignition
BSGBSG70835004Coil, ignition
DELPHICE20026-12B1Coil, ignition
DELPHIGN1031912B1Coil, ignition
ERA880085Coil, ignition
FACET96307Ignition coil
FAE80235Coil, ignition
FISPA85.30187Coil, ignition
HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS19050037Coil, ignition
HOFFER8010405Coil, ignition
HUCO133819Coil, ignition
JANMORCPS30Coil, ignition
MAGNETI MARELLI060717082012Coil, ignition
MEAT & DORIA10405Coil, ignition
METZGER0880305Coil, ignition
MEYLE11-14 885 0002Coil, ignition
NGK48014Ignition coil
PATRONPCI1059Coil, ignition
POLCARVA245095 Coil, ignition
QUINTON HAZELLXIC8215Coil, ignition
SASIC9200004Coil, ignition
SIDAT85.30187Coil, ignition
STANDARD12749Coil, ignition
STANDARDCP025Coil, ignition
STANDARDCU1172Ignition coil
STANDARDIIS096Coil, ignition
SWAG62936600Ignition coil
TESLACL104Coil, ignition
TOPRAN721906Coil, ignition
TRISCAN8860 28004Coil, ignition
TRISCAN886028009Ignition coil
VEMOV22-70-0002Coil, ignition

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