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                                                                                                                       OUTSIDE LOCK


        Simple operation

        The inner of the safety plug (pin) in a cover of the
        garage track placed on a guide occurs turn of a key in an
        insert (core) of the lock.

        Safety of your garage

        The used materials differ in the high resistance to overcoming. The safety put bolts increase
         impossibility of overcoming. The device is steady against thermal and to chemical influence, doesn't change the properties even after overcooling by liquid nitrogen.

        Exclusive insert (core) of the lock

        The insert (core) of the lock is steady to destructive (for example, getting out kernels of an insert, twisting, a destructing a ring spring) and to not destructive
        methods (for example, the Bump-key method). The insert (core) of the lock conforms to requirements of
        standards Č SN EN 1303 and Č SN EN 1627 and corresponds to the highest class of safety of the European standards.