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1. If you didn't find your model of the car or a detail, a molding, a headlight, a bumper, a sill, a radiator or the fan, it doesn't mean that we don't have it. Write us the letter with questions of the model of a car and a detail interesting you.

2. The site works so far in the test mode therefore we didn't connect payment system. You can directly pay a detail without FEE on our settlement account. It is specified in the section ABOUT US.

3. Also you can make the advanced order on the detail interesting you. For this purpose contact shop by e-mail.

4. At present we are simply not able to lay out all catalog of details on the site. It weighs more 300mb. As far as possible we constantly spread the pages which are already created by us with the price. The site it will be constant will be replenished.

5. For England (ONLY MAINLAND) if you by parts on GBP £100 delivery is free.

6. If you see GBP £1 price this can be a system error. For the price contact us.

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