We offer service and remanufacturing of electro clutches. We only accept removed clutches from the vehicle. Delivery to us is done by our couriers by pre payment.
One of the main rules is good packaging of the clutch, drained oil, it needs to be covered in film, there shouldn’t be any drops of oil, put it in a box or cover in cardboard. Make packaging the easiest way for a courier because they might refuse the collection. Packaging needs to be clean so the other packages are not dirty. All the responsibility is on the buyer.
In pre payment are included next steps:
1. You will need to help the courier to load the parcel if they ask.
2. All parcels shouldn’t be more than 15-20 kg.
3. We only accept full clutches not dismantled.
4. Defects of the electro clutches.
5. Defects are included in the cost.
6. Return of the clutch.
7. Any questions you can ask on our jivo chat or email: info@alexbp.com.