• Using our more than 20 year experience in working with oils and filters for cars, we offer you one of the best oils in Europe meaning price/quality. This oil is manufactured together with the strategical partners on a site in Yorkshire, together with British Petroleum / Castrol / Kuwait Petroleum / Q8 Oils, and also on the same manufacturing line as the oil British Petroleum and Castrol. Because of this, Q8 oil joined a leading group of sales in such countries as: Sweden – 2nd Place, Italy – 2nd place, Netherlands / Luxembourg – 2nd Place, Denmark – 2nd place. Q8 Oil is not widely advertised as other premium brands of other world manufacturers, but has the same high quality and in some cases even better quality.
    • In the future we plan to also partner with British Petroleum / Castrol / Kuwait Petroleum / Q8 oil, make and manufacture oil under our trademark ALEX transmission the same oil and the same high quality for automatic gearboxes, transmissions and engines.

    We are sure that in the price/quality ratio you will be very pleased with the oil we offer Q8 oils

    we British company are in the north of London.

    Sell All models cars with added cooled radiators for automatic gearbox CVT Oil


    shipping costs in case of return is not compensated, especially no partial compensations are made (a half of goods was used, and other half isn’t present).

    worldwide delivery only on tariffs of transport companies which are summarized to final cost in addition.

     in the amount of sales includes delivery only England mainland. Delivery throughout Europe and Worldwide paid in addition to the tariffs of the transport company chosen by you and specified. For example Royal Mail Parcelforce has a direct contract with the eBay auction and therefore provides a delivery service at an affordable price you. Shipping cost is indicated in the invoice separately. We can advise you further on it skype, e-mail or phone. If you are not satisfied with it, we can cancel your order …

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