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Dear Customers!

Agree the fact that on our page there is quite huge delivery times for reasons not clear to us, we do shipping within 24 – 48 hours from the time of sending to England mainland. Except weekends and holidays.

For the buyers who consider buying the item to a different country, we offer you to insure your product, because the delivery company does not cover anything  for free over £50.00. The charge does not come with the selling price, it will have to be paid into our bank account. You can message us after the product is purchased to pay the price of insurance, which will be £15.00.

The German quality under the British supervision


Sell genuine/original Land Rover Haldex AWD feeder pump (electro-motor) for rear axle clutch 4 generation

ALEX Transmission: AH020706
OE: 9V4N4C019AA, 9G9N4C019AB, LR075763, LR075763, 3125657

recommended change oil + filter and check Haldex motor every 30000 km.

FREE GIFT!!! (oil suction gun\manual pump for fill oil) we offer you a free gift, only if we have it available in our warehouse. We as well as everything depend on the suppliers, they can have delays and problems with delivery too. Ask about this suction gun upon purchase….
thank you for understanding…..


….in many car same years of manufacture about 3-4 various automatic gear boxes, and respectively and as much filters can be established. Before accusing us of something and to do purchase you at first learn what model of a gear box it is established on your car…

We are British company from the north London.


please, shop after careful consideration if you aren’t sure that it is necessary to you, please don’t buy. In advance verify all numbers and you can contact us and we with pleasure will answer to you. If the reason of return is because it didn’t suit you or you changed the mind the returns aren’t accepted. The goods are on sale as is in the photo. MANUFACTURERS PART NUMBERS USED FOR REFERNCE PURPOSES ONLY

we carry out sending goods next day after receiving money for our bank account within 2-21 working days.


shipping costs in case of return is not compensated, especially no partial compensations are made (a half of goods was used, and other half is not needed).


worldwide delivery only on tariffs of transport companies which are summarized to final cost in addition

Delivery only includes England mainland. Delivery throughout Europe and Worldwide paid in addition to the tariffs of the transport company chosen by you and specified. For example Royal Mail \ Parcelforce has a direct contract with the eBay auction and therefore provides a delivery service at an affordable price for you. Shipping cost is indicated in the invoice separately. We can advise you further on skype, e-mail or phone. If you are not satisfied with it, we can cancel your order ……

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