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Agree the fact that on our page there is quite huge delivery times for reasons not clear to us, we do shipping within 24 – 48 hours from the time of sending to England mainland. Except weekends and holidays.


Sell for Hyundai KIA 4×4 oil seal service (profilaktic/prevention) kit for front transfercase (corner gear) for II and I shaft unit P048HB and P056HA + 1L oil

ALEX Transmission: ATD 004856

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1. Please, before or after the purchase send us your registration number so we can make sure the kit is right for your car or send us all the details about your car – the model of the car, size of the engine, amount of speeds in the gearbox and the year of manufacture. If you do not provide the information before the dispatch of the item, all the responsibility lies on you. In the eBay instructions it says that we have to check the compatibility of the vehicle before sending the kit out. If you are sure that it is right, please let us know. If you do not provide us with the information about the car, the buyer is fully responsible for the return as well as the financial side.

2. The delivery of the product usually takes 24-48 hours from the moment you make a purchase in our shop. (The time starts only after we get a full amount paid into our bank account and not when you get charged from your debit card.) These delivery times are used for the whole United Kingdom territory excluding Northern Ireland, all of the UK Islands and far parts of Scotland including Aberdeen and anything  Norther of Aberdeen. For the delivery to these areas we charge extra £15.00-20.00.

3. All Items must be signed for and inspected immediately. Any missing items or damage needs to be reported within a reasonable time frame of 48 hours, so even if you are not installing your item straight-away, please thoroughly inspect the item upon delivery otherwise there is no practical way for us to determine whether it was damaged before receipt of your item & we will not be able to make a damage claim with our couriers or the manufacturer. If you decide to return a parcel and it comes back used / broken, we will not accept it, send it back to you and not proceed a refund. In a case where any parts of the parcel are broken, please contact our delivery company using their phone number:

4. In a situation where the delivery is delayed, we ask you to contact the delivery company and not us. Our operators or workers might be busy and the answer to your question might take a few days to reply. The number of our delivery company might be busy and no one might answer, don’t contact us straight after it because we won’t get a reply from them either straight away.

5. Delivery on the weekends and holidays are not included. If you would like your parcel to be delivered on Saturday (if it’s not a holiday) it will be an additional £25.00 +VAT.

6. Ask us for additional coverage of the parcel if you would like it. If you don’t ask us for insurance on your parcel, it means that you are okay with the standard coverage from delivery company of £50.00. In case of the parcel being broken/lost, you understand the risks and take the risk.

7. For a warranty, invoice might be use for this kit or product. In the invoice it should say the date of the purchase, the place it was installed at or that our partners garage address. Also, our associate should be present during the instalment of the kit.

8. In case of use of the warranty regarding the kit you bought, we ask you or the mechanic in the garage to take clear/good quality photos and videos showing the places of leaks or other problems. Using these we can claim our partners for the swap of the products. Complains without photos and videos, bad quality, without the address/phone number and surname of the mechanic who installed the kit will not be checked.

 9. Our company rules do not include no financial refunds, even if it is a warranty problem, we only swap the wrong products for the right ones. The buyer pays for the return of the product. The seller takes responsibility to send a right product if it is a warranty problem.

10. We do not take no responsibility before third parties in case of something that is bought from us being broken or ruined by the third party.

11. You can return the item back to us within 14 days (United Kingdom laws), only if the packaging was not opened. If the package is open, the product is not eligible for a return/refund without stating a reason.

12. We do not approve any reason or problem about a return if someone else told you that the kit or the oil is not right for your Automatic Gearbox. e.g. random person, your uncle, your mechanic from the garage etc. Remember the main thing, every mechanic or a master from any service always wants to get you as a customer and sell you their product which no one knows where it came from, they will always say that their product/kit is the best while also trying to convince you that the kit you bought from us / any other seller is not right for your car or your automatic gearbox. They will also say that you definitely need to buy the kit / product they have and recommend even if you don’t need it and they say to return the kit you bought back to the seller. In United Kingdom laws that is called imposing their service and we call it sucking the money out of the customer.

We are the only company that can give you a free consultation about your automatic gearbox. Visit our website: ……………… and ask us questions online using our live chat. The founders, owners and workers in our company made the kits under an order from a few German companies back when the business was only setting up in Europe, more than 15 years ago. During all that time we gathered a huge experience using our oils in different automatic gearboxes. During these years, we’ve never had any complaints about the quality of the oil and broken gearboxes. Not one manufacturer of cars in the world don’t make engine or transmission oils themselves, they order the manufacture using other companies. Also, not all car manufacturers make automatic gearboxes themselves, they also buy them using different companies. German law says that from 2015, every car manufacturer should have at least 3 independent suppliers of its car assembly line.

13. Our company reserves the right to change the oil or any part without prior notice or buyer’s consent, to the same or similar, possibly even in different packaging and of a different volume or colour, since the sold product might be missing at the warehouse. Also, the manufacturer does not inform us about the change of design, shape, colour of the packaging and goods. You can be sure that the replaced oil in your kit will match your automatic gearbox, even if your car is not mentioned on the can of oil.

14. Our rules are higher than the rules of any other company, organisation or association that fall into any dispute with our rules.

15. If you make a purchase in our store, you automatically agree to our rules and undertake to comply with them regardless of any other conditions of the purchase from any third party. Only the seller, buyer and UK laws are involved in the dispute.

16. The free gift is not included in the final price of the purchasable goods and is not always present in our warehouse. Before the purchase we advise you to ask us if it is available in present time and if we can send it to you with the parcel. Despite such a number of different rules, we are a family ran company and usually prefer to negotiate with buyer, but we surely do not accept any rudeness, deceit and not following our rules. We can all make mistakes, only a person who does nothing makes no mistakes.

Thank you for your purchase in our store.

Regards, team ALEX Transmission.


….in many car same years of manufacture about 3-4 various automatic gear boxes, and respectively and as much filters can be established. Before accusing us of something and to do purchase you at first learn what model of a gear box it is established on your car…

We are British company from the north London.


please, shop after careful consideration if you aren’t sure that it is necessary to you, please don’t buy. In advance verify all numbers and you can contact us and we with pleasure will answer to you. If the reason of return is because it didn’t suit you or you changed the mind the returns aren’t accepted. The goods are on sale as is in the photo. MANUFACTURERS PART NUMBERS USED FOR REFERNCE PURPOSES ONLY

we carry out sending goods next day after receiving money for our bank account within 2-21 working days.


shipping costs in case of return is not compensated, especially no partial compensations are made (a half of goods was used, and other half is not needed).


worldwide delivery only on tariffs of transport companies which are summarized to final cost in addition

Delivery only includes England mainland. Delivery throughout Europe and Worldwide paid in addition to the tariffs of the transport company chosen by you and specified. For example Royal Mail \ Parcelforce has a direct contract with the eBay auction and therefore provides a delivery service at an affordable price for you. Shipping cost is indicated in the invoice separately. We can advise you further on skype, e-mail or phone. If you are not satisfied with it, we can cancel your order ……

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