Sell Mercedes filter and oil set for CVT variator automatic gearbox ,A Class,B Class,automatic gearbox CVT variator¬†2008–>

gasket (metall) from 2008 in a set not have, use silicone gasket maker in tube.

if you did not suit gasket, use silicone gasket maker. Or ask us before sending to you this set, we will replace gasket with our silicone gasket maker. Because, after receiving a parcel by you we will be able to send you only for additional payment. Sending cost to you together with the cost of silicone gasket maker is to GBP 5.00

We cannot bear any responsibility as we sell that we buy.

Thank you for your understanding.

ALEX Transmission: AL321078\AL335038

MB 169 A-Class 2008-2012
MB 245 B-Class 2008-2011


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